gpgsm key creation problem

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 4 10:35:39 CET 2009

On Wed,  4 Mar 2009 01:58, lurkos.usenet at said:
> I'm new in gpgsm and I would like to test X.509 and S/MIME style encryption.
> Then I tried the "classical" --gen-key option to generate a new
> keypair, but this error appears.
> What's wrong?

> gpgsm: line 1: key generation failed: Unknown IPC command <GpgSM>

Most likely the gpg-agent is not running or not properly installed.
Check the manual on how to do install the gpg-agent.  A quick test to
see whether the gpg-agent is working is to run gpg-agent without any

You may want to configure a log file for the gpg-agent to see what is
going on.  Put these lines into ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf before starting

log-file /somewhere/gpg-agent.log
debug 1024

In the log you should see a "GENKEY" command.



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