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Hello dmdm !

dmdm <dmdm00 at> wrote:

> I wonder if I might ask for an example please useing perhaps this line in
> the example

    The answer given to you is exact. Each generation answer adds a "- ", and 
depending what soft you are using, you can go back in generations asking 
several times to Decrypt the same message.
    Each time you ask Decrypt, you go back one generation of keys and 
    By this way, you can include a public key in a message and sign the whole. 
First generation of Decrypt/Verify shows you "Good signature from X", second 
generation allows you to include the public key in your keyring and be sure 
it's recommended by the sender.


> thankyou

> dmdm

> David Shaw wrote:
>> On Mar 7, 2009, at 5:28 AM, dmdm wrote:
>>> When I sign a message that contains a gpg key what happens is that
>>> the key
>>> has the '-'
>>> missing at top and bottom of key. its ok before its signed .(see
>>> example
>>> below)
>> That is a normal part of OpenPGP called "dash escaping".  Basically,
>> since your signature itself starts with a dash (as part of "-----BEGIN
>> PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----") any other dashes, such as those surrounding
>> your key that you're including in the signed message, need to be
>> escaped so the message parser does not get confused.  The way this is
>> done is to append a "- " (a dash and a space) to the beginning of each
>> dash.
>> Just verify the message to check the signature, and what comes out of
>> the verification step has all the escaping removed so you can use the
>> key you included.
>> David

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