gnupg vs. gnupg2

Suno Ano suno.ano at
Mon Mar 16 01:16:16 CET 2009

Hi folks,

I have been a happy gpg user on Debian for years now. Now I have got a
few question regarding the differences of gpg vs. gpg2. Here is what I
know because the docu tells me

 - Compared to gpg, gpg2 is modular and aimed at the desktop
 - judging from the man pages both provide the exact same feature set.
 - Both can be used with auxiliary goodies like for example gpg-agent

Here what I would like to know but neither the gpg website, google,
wikipedia #gnupg nor the man pages answered my question

 - Besides the afore mentioned differences like monolitic vs modular
   architecture, what else is different? Well, gpg2 provides support for
   MIME types as I figured ... What else?
 - Is gpg2 considered prime time ready?
 - There is one utterly annoying fact with gpg2 which is the graphical
   windows which keep poping up How
   can I get rid of them and have the behavior of gpg which just stays
   in the shell?

Is it me or is it really that hard to find those questions answered
anywhere e.g. man pages?

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