multiple DER formatted export

Stefan Caunter stef at
Tue Mar 17 02:49:42 CET 2009

Apologies for this not being specific to the gnupg list, but could I
possibly ask if anyone knows if it was ever possible to export
multiple certs in DER format?

In Werner states that
there is no standard for doing so.

I am sure I used to do this with Windows Internet Explorer 5.x, but
Windows Certificate Store will no longer export all certs as a .crt
DER file, only a single cert as cert.der. Firefox as well. OpenSSL
does not convert pkcs7 bundles to PEM for use on a unix system.

Apple keychain gives me them all as a usable PEM that I can run
c_rehash on, but this is not surprising. I'm rewriting and want to recommend more
than one way to pull a commercially available cert bundle for
non-commercial software.

Stefan Caunter

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