gpgme on windows

Gordian Klein gordian.klein at
Thu Mar 19 00:10:18 CET 2009


i want to use gpgme with Visual Studio on Windows.
Therefore i downloaded gpg4win and now succesfully use the
libgpgme-11.dll from it with VS.
But i have some trouble with the password callback function.
It looks like this:

static gpgme_error_t passphrase_cb (void *hook,
		const char *uid_hint,
		const char *passphrase_info,
		int prev_was_bad,
		int fd)

It gets called successfully but i dont know how to write to fd.
Because unistd.h does not exist on Windows and so write() is not
avilable i used write from Windows <io.h>. But that did crash the
programm with this line of code from write.c:

_VALIDATE_CLEAR_OSSERR_RETURN((fh >= 0 && (unsigned)fh <
(unsigned)_nhandle), EBADF, -1);
In this case fd was 148 and _nhandle 32.

I also tried converting fd somehow to a FILE but it didnt work neither.

Whats my Problem here? Im stuck..
Thank you for any suggestions.


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