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Charly Avital shavital at
Sun Mar 29 11:51:23 CEST 2009

Hardeep Singh wrote the following on 3/29/09 1:09 AM:
> Hi All
> I need someone with a Safari browser to test something for me: it wont
> take more than 3 min.
> I have a webpage that unjumbles words, and which is somewhat popular.
> I am building a new version which is AJAX based and the prototype is
> ready. I have tested it on Opera, IE, Firefox (on Windows and Linux)
> but do not have a way to test on Safari. Please do the following:
> 1. Navigate to
> 2. In the text box, enter 'llarec' (without quotes) and press enter. A
> wait icon should be shown, and afterwards 'caller' should be
> displayed.
> 3. In the text box, enter 'otalt' and this time, instead of pressing
> enter - press the Unjumble button. Same thing should happen, 'lotta'
> should be displayed.
> In no case should the form reload. Please let me know what happens.
> Regards
> Hardeep Singh

It works perfectly as you indicated:
- first press enter llarec becomes caller
- write otalt in the text field, press Unjumble, lotta shows without the
form having reloaded.

Thanks for the URL, it might help me unjumble the IHT "Word Jumble" :-)

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