Selecting cipher to generate a key pair

vedaal at vedaal at
Fri May 1 02:01:06 CEST 2009

>Is it possible to select a specific cipher, such as >Triple-DES or 
Blowfish, to use to generate a key pair?

if, by selection, you mean to choose that cipher as the one 
protecting your secret key, then yes

use the following options:

--s2k-cipher-algo name
(either Blowfish or 3DES, or any other one you wish)


[1] a key generated this way will still be able to use any cipher 
while decrypting or encrypting a pgp message

[2] do not add '--s2k-cipher-algo name' to your gpg.conf,
unless you want all symmetric messages (not encrypted to a Public 
Key) to be the same as the cipher of your secret key


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