Selecting cipher to generate a key pair

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat May 2 01:21:40 CEST 2009

Smith, Cathy wrote:
> The customer stated that he can accept a public key generated with
> either Blowfish or Triple-DES.  I wasn't sure what he needed because all
> I've dealt with in generating a key pair before is selecting the DSA or
> RSA option.  Our PGP version doesn't offer the DSA and Elgamal option. 

It probably does, actually; PGP just, for marketing reasons, calls it
Diffie-Hellman/DSS.  (Long story, but yes, they're the exact same thing.)

That said, your customer does not appear to understand how GnuPG or PGP
work.  _All_ OpenPGP-conformant applications (GnuPG, PGP, and others)
can handle 3DES; and 3DES has absolutely nothing to do with how you
generate your public key.

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