delete bad UID from key on keyserver?

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Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my email accounts is unusable so I deleted the UID from my key
> and uploaded it to the keyserver. That accomplished nothing so now I
> figured out I should of invalidated the UID and then uploaded it. I 
> can't do that now because I deleted the UID from my key.

You cannot delete information from the keyservers. This is by design.

> I have to get rid of this email address from my key or people will 
> continue mailing me and I won't get the mails. Is there some way I
> can delete this UID from my key on the keyserver. I figured to try to
> add the identical UID back and then invalidate it and then upload the
> key but before I screwup again I figured to ask here. Thank you.

Do not try adding a new uid with the same email. That will give you two
copies of that address.

Refresh your key from a keyserver. This will restore the UID you thought
you could delete:

    gpg --keyserver -refresh-keys 0xdecafbad

now use gpg to revoke the UID

    gpg --edit-key 0xdecafbad

gpg displays a list of UIDs on the key. Enter the number of the UID you
wish to revoke. The list is redisplayed with an * next to the selected
one. now use the gpg command revuid to revoke:

    Command> revuid
    Really revoke this user ID? (y/N) y
    Please select the reason for the revocation:
      0 = No reason specified
      4 = User ID is no longer valid
      Q = Cancel
    (Probably you want to select 4 here)
    Your decision? 4

Answer the passphrase prompt and 'save' to update your keyring with the
modified key. Now send the key with revoked UID to the keyservers

    gpg --keyserver -send-keys 0xdecafbad

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