Decryption streaming

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Thanks.  Does documentation exist anywhere for the individual methods
within the libraries?  What about examples?  I'm not sure what methods
to use from GPGME to accomplish my task.  There is a lot of gnupg
documentation in general, but not on using the individual methods within
the libraries.

It looks like 
minip12.c  decrypt_block from gnupg-2.0.11 might do what I need, but I
don't see anything documenting what the "salt" and "pw" parameters are
supposed to be.

What I am looking to do is read and decrypt a small subset of data from
a file at a time, process it, delete it, and move on to decrypting the
next subset.


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On May 8, 2009, at 5:30 PM, Coffman, Beth C wrote:

> What is a good way to write a C++ app to decrypt multiple large PGP- 
> encrypted files simultaneously into memory?  I cannot have the 
> plaintext output in a file on disk at any time.  Preferably, one block

> of data from the file will be decrypted at a time.  Therefore, the 
> entire file or files will not need to reside in memory.

GPG (the program) can decrypt as a stream.  You can either write a
program that wraps around it, or use the GPGME library to do the work
for you.



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