Changing usage of master key

Resul Cetin Resul-Cetin at
Fri May 15 12:30:27 CEST 2009

I generated a new RSA cert/sign key. Default is to use it as sign and cert, 
but I wanted to use a seperated sign subkey and use the master key only for 
cert stuff. Is it possible to change it afterwards and how to do it? I have no 
fear of hex editors and unix commandline tools. My first idea is to switch a 
bit somewhere in a `gpg --export` and then reimport it to do a resign of the 
key and upload it again to a key server.

Is there now a good way to move a subkey between two keys? The method 
described at don't work because in 
the step "resign using the expire trick" doesn't work. I cannot see a usage 
behind the short output of the `key` command in --edit-key and when I try to 
save it after the resign, gpg will end with 2 as return code (I would assume 
that the key and its subkey wasn't saved). A export and reimport afterwards 
removes the "moved" key.

Can you please cc me, because I am not subscribed to the mailing list (but 
will look at the archives from time to time).

Best regards,
	Resul Cetin

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