FSFE Fellower Card + LUKS on Startup

David Lais snope at snope.org
Tue Nov 3 20:17:28 CET 2009

Hi GnuPG-Users,

I have been testing the FSFE GnuPG smartcard in the past few days and I find 
it really cool! However, I have some more questions regarding the card.

I have encrypted all of my linux partitions with LUKS and it works really 
great. Next, I would like to integrate the GnuPG card into the boot process 
in order to encrypt or to provide the key file. I found a Howto in the ubuntu 
wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SmartCardLUKSDiskEncryption. However, in this 
HowTo, they use a MultiFlex Smartcard and load the key file on the card. In 
the startup process, the keyfile is read out and sent to LUKS. This step is 
really simple but how can this work with the gnupg smartcard? 

I think it is not a problem to decrypt the key file in the startup process, 
isn't it!? Is it possible to access the card reader (omnikey 4040) and the 
smartcard via gpg from the initrd ram disk? Has anyone ever tried it in a 
similar way or are there any alternatives? Finally, is there a HowTo?

I would be very happy for any kind of information.


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