Interesting article on password guessing via cloud computing

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu Nov 5 16:05:19 CET 2009

David Shaw <dshaw () jabberwocky ! com>
wrote on 2009-11-04 18:34:49 :

>This is not, of course, an OpenPGP "crack", but rather high-speed  

>password guessing. 

a trivial way to defeat this,
would be to provide each client with a pgp keypair, 
(physically presented to the client upon the initial transaction 
and then encrypt the zipfile to a key and not even use a passphrase

what would be even more interesting,
is if it could be done in a way that truecrypt uses to protect its 
encrypted volumes, where the user can choose to use a keyfile as 
well as a passphrase, but it cannot be determined before decryption 
if a keyfile, passphrase, both or only one,  has been used

so, imagine if a client has a zipfile encrypted to both a trivial 
password and to a pgp key, and it is not determinable from the 
encrypted file itself, if it was encrypted to a key as well,

all the cloud computing resources available will merrily spin 
themselves into exhaustion ubtil they decide that the passphrase is 
'probably too long and complex to crack'


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