No secret key under different account

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Thanks for the info & detailed response.  I'm going to go with 
option C as you suggest.  Must admit I hadn't realised that .MAN 
pages are the docs. 


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David Gray wrote:
> What are peoples thoughts on which is the best option: 
> a) copy the secring.gpg & pubring.gpg files to the second user account? 
> b) export and import the keys to the second user account? 
> c) add a reference to the second account's gpg.conf file? 

it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Any of the above may be the best option for a given set of requirements. If I wish to use my keys on a new machine, option a or redirecting gpg.conf to keyrings (& trustdb) on portable media is probably the route I'd take.

If I wanted to share a central keyring of, for example, customer keys, I probably go with option c.

> Also could anyone please give me an example of the syntax for adding 
> keyring references to gpg.conf?

primary-keyring		pubring.gpg
keyring         	O:\GnuPG\pubring.gpg
keyring			strong.gpg
keyring			trusted.gpg
secret-keyring  	secring.gpg
secret-keyring  	O:\GnuPG\secring.gpg

These should be explained in which should be in the share\gnupg directory under gpg2's onstallation directory, default on Windows:
C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG2\share\gnupg\ It can be read with Notepad

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