Is it safe to put an encrypted file on a public web server

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(a) assume nothing is safe

(b) assume that if your information is not valuable to national security agencies or organized crime, it is in less danger of 
probing and poking.

(c) if someone takes your car, it is likely obvious; if someone copies your data, you may never know

(d) if someone copies your data and then deletes it and holds the copied data for ransom, you are scr**d if you do not have local 

(e) shared host ISPs may not back up your data, if their server hard disk(s) fail, you may be scr**d if you do not have local 

(f) decryption may fail ... so encrypt only those files you want to hide from prying eyes.

(g) decompression may fail ... so compress only those files for which you have local backup.

(h) one of my mantra's:       you can NEVER have TOO MUCH backup.

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