Problem with the agent, gpg2

Charly Avital shavital at
Mon Nov 16 21:45:05 CET 2009

Mario Castelán Castro wrote the following on 11/16/09 11:08 AM:
> November 16th 2009 for gnupg-users at, subject "Problem with
> the agent, gpg2"
> I do not have that pinentry program. GNU PG 1.4.9 (The one than comes
> with debian) do not give me that message but i need the new version of

GnuPG 1.* (currently 1.4.10)  does not need pinentry.

pinentry is the interface used by gpg-agent to enter the pin (or the
passphrase), that will be cached (not written to disk) by gpg-agent.

Your query related to gpg 2.0.12 that you had compiled under Linux, but
that didn't work.

For differences between GnuPG 1.* and gpg 2.*, please see


I use currently gpg2 both under MacOSX and under Linux.

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