Problem with the agent, gpg2

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Nov 18 01:09:42 CET 2009

Mario Castelán Castro wrote:
> November 14th 2009 for gnupg-users at subject "Problem with the
> agent, gpg2"
> Hi, I sucefulle compiled and installed GNU PG 2.0.12 but when i do
> some operation than requires a password i get a message like the
> following.

It was never clear to me from the ensuing thread whether or not you
had gpg-agent running, if so, what command line options did you use,
etc. It's also not clear to me if you installed a pinentry program of
any kind.

If you still want help with this (as opposed to just using gpg 1 which
I think would be a better option) you should probably post some more
details about your setup.



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