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Mario Castelán Castro wrote:
> November 17th for gnupg-users at
> I need GNU PG 2 because i want to get out of the 1024 bits limit and
> SHA forced for DSA, i want my next key (2010-2012) to be more secure
> and accept some SHA2.

GnuPG 2.0 is not needed for DSA > 1024  GnuPG 1.4.x has supported DSA2 for some
time, since 1.4.4 (2006-06-25). See "--enable-dsa2" in the manual for more

> Charly Avital: Please note than Linux is a Kernel mixed commonly with
> the GNU Operating System, a correct name for that mix is GNU/Linux,
> but only "Linux" is not correct.

Ahh, the Naming Controversy Holy War[0].

Some of us oldsters were using "Linux" back when RMS & others were still trying
to get the Hurd kernel up, running and into active use[1].

The controversy even has it's own fairly good-sized Wikipedia page[2].

I like the closing remark on the Wikipedia page:

    Many users and vendors who prefer the name "Linux" point to the inclusion
    of non-GNU, non-kernel tools such as the Apache HTTP Server, the X Window
    System or the K Desktop Environment in end-user operating systems based on
    the Linux kernel. As stated by Jim Gettys, originator of X:

        "There are lots of people on this bus; I don't hear a clamor of support
         that GNU is more essential than many of the other components; can't
         take a wheel away, and end up with a functional vehicle, or an engine,
         or the seats. I recommend you be happy we have a bus."

The distros I use most often are 'Slackware Linux' and 'Red Hat Enterprise
Linux', no 'Gnu' there and no amount of fervent pedantry is likely to get it

You are free to call it GNU/Linux if you wish.  Likewise, others are free to
just call it "Slackware" or "Redhat" or "SuSE" so long as it's clear and
unambiguous.  No one is likely to get total agreement over "The One True Name™®"
of the operating system. See final paragraph of [3].

> In advance thanks by your understanding.

And yours ;-)

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