digital signature primary key and encryption subkey

M.B.Jr. marcio.barbado at
Wed Nov 18 04:00:29 CET 2009

Hi list,
one lame confusion I'm facing now.

I was reading GnuPG's "Signing Subkey Cross-Certification" page [1],
and as a matter of fact, these two simple doubts did arise.

Suppose one provides the command:

gpg --gen-key

and chooses the default "DSA and Elgamal" option.

1st doubt:
DSA will be the basis for the primary key and Elgamal, the basis for
the encryption subkey, is this assertion correct?

if so, 2nd doubt is:
both my public and private keys will be built upon my DSA primary key
and my Elgamal encryption subkey?

That's all. Regards,

Marcio Barbado, Jr.


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