Is it possible to decide what is a gpg file?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Nov 20 03:28:42 CET 2009

vedaal at wrote:
> Unlike cryptography, where the standard is that the encryption is 
> secure, even when the algorithm is known and well studied, no such 
> progress has been achieved (afaik) in steganography.

Pierre Moulin's got a whole sheaf of really good steganography papers,
and yet most people I've met who advocate steganography have no idea who
he is.  This is kind of like meeting someone who says they're designing
a cryptosystem, and they've never heard of Claude Shannon or read any of
his papers.

Speaking generally, most people who develop cryptosystems don't bother
to read the crypto literature, and most people who develop
steganosystems don't bother to read the stegano literature.  Kind of
sad, really.

(Please do not misconstrue my remarks as applying to either the OpenPGP
authors or the GnuPG developers.)

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