Is it possible to decide what is a gpg file?

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makrober wrote:
> Melikamp T. Medley wrote:
>> Thanks for your answers, David, Timo.
>> A somewhat related question: is there a tool that is designed
>> to produce "undetectable" encryption, i.e. something that is
>> very plausibly random? I gather from your answers that gpg does
>> not do that.
> check out "Burp":
> hyyp://
> and read this:
> MacRober

man  openssl  enc

OpenSSL supports BLOWFISH

      base64             Base 64

      bf-cbc             Blowfish in CBC mode
      bf                 Alias for bf-cbc
      bf-cfb             Blowfish in CFB mode
      bf-ecb             Blowfish in ECB mode
      bf-ofb             Blowfish in OFB mode

openssl  enc   -e   -base64  -in  /tmp/tina.msg  -out  /tmp/file.b64

openssl  enc   -e   -bf-cbc  -in  /tmp/tina.msg  -out  /tmp/file.b64

openssl  enc   -d   -bf-cbc  -in  openssl  enc   -d   -bf-cbc  -in

enter bf-cbc decryption password:
bad magic number
bash-3.00$ ./a.out -d MSWRD573.TMP  hghg.txt
./a.out: file crypto, V:1.20 (
enter key or pass-phrase=>########

   re-enter (to confirm)=>########

Decrypting from MSWRD573.TMP to hghg.txt
./a done, 1024 characters/bytes decrypted

BLURB works on the fly but at least my instance of openssl with blowfish
in cbc cipher block chaining mode did not decrypt the blurb output.

hence from what I can see, blurb introduces something fundamental new,
which cannot be achieved with openssl or gnuPG.

I tried to encrypt twice, with the same passphrase, which should be the
same as the ciphertext.

And opened the output in ghex2.

blurb does the trick. If you want to encrypt or decrypt a msg to
yourself or someone able to run blurb. Then it is a good bet.

If OpenSSL supports blowfish, why is it incompatible to blurb?

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