How to check the trust level

markus reichelt ml at
Sun Nov 22 00:47:36 CET 2009

* David Shaw <dshaw at> wrote:

> If you mean the signature verification level, then it is visible in
> the --list-sigs output - 3 for "positive" verification, 2 for
> "casual" verification, and 1 for "persona" (aka didn't check)
> verification.  If none of these numbers appear, it's a "generic"
> verification.

(Just to contribute to the confusion:)

That's according to the spec, but there are quite a few people out
there who do not honour the spec (for whatever reasons - not relevant
here) and have their own definition of sig levels (usually published
in their signing policy).

To sum it up, these days levels 0,2,3 are fine. 1s are a bit strange
and quite rare - I'd inquire about that kinda sig level.

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