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Sat Oct 3 00:21:13 CEST 2009

I need help getting a scrip working. I am hosted with Hostgator. My key
is in the cpanel. Yet I can't get php to work with it. 







===== pgp_test.php =====



    // replace this with the user name or e-mail address that you used
for your PGP key pair

    $pgpuser = "webmaster at" ; // The email used to
generate your public key


    // Recipient of the email

    $testemail = "jcochran at";


    // Replace with your subject

    $emailsubject = "Encrypted Email Subject";


    // The from field

    $emailfrom = "From: webmaster at";


    // Feed your text in here

    $body = "To test if your decryption work, put some text here or feed
in the variables from your submitted forms";


    // Tell gnupg where the public key is that is should use to encode
your message

    // This is usually in your home directory, below the public_html
(mine is .gnupg)

    // change this to the correct path of your web space. On hostgator:



    // create a temporary, unique file name to work from

    $infile = tempnam("/tmp", "PGP.asc");

    $outfile = $infile.".asc";


    // we write the various bits and bobs into the temp file

    $fp = fopen($infile, "w");

    fwrite($fp, $body);



    // Call the other directory of gnuGP (this will work on hostgator)
and run the command

    // When you call this line, it will set off the actuall encoding

    $command = "/usr/bin/gpg -a -always-trust -batch -no-secmem-warning
-e -r $pgpuser -o $outfile $infile";


    // Call the line that will encrypt your temporary file

    system($command, $result);


    // The encryption is now loaded in the system, so delete the temp



    if ($result == 0) {

    $fp = fopen($outfile, "r");


    if (!$fp || filesize($outfile) == 0) {

    $result = -1;


    } else {


    // read the encrypted file

    $contents = fread ($fp, filesize ($outfile));


    // delete the encrypted file



    // send the email and write something nice if it was a success

    // otherwise moan bitterly and wonder what went wrong

    // Errors are usually either your username, or more like the paths
to your gnuGP

    // contact your Tech Support for your paths - the ones shown here
works for hostgator.

    mail ($testemail, $emailsubject, $contents, $emailfrom);


    print "Thank you!! Your encrypted booking information has been





    if ( $result != 0) {


    print "There was a problem processing the information.";






~ Jason


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