Card-reader tests

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Fri Oct 16 19:17:23 CEST 2009

Maybe it is of interest for some of you, I have tested a bunch of
readers lately and here are my results.

All tests were performed with GnuPG SVN head as of 14 October 2009 with
an OpenPGP V2.0 card.

working with GnuPG-CCID *and* PC/SC:
- SCM SCR-335
- SCM SPR-532 (with pinpad when using GnuPG CCID, without pinpad when
using PC/SC)

working only with PC/SC:
- Omnikey Cardman 4040 (PCMCIA)
- Gemalto USB Shell Token V2
- Gemalto USB PC-Twin
- Gemalto USB SL
- Gemalto PC Pinpad (keypad and LCD not supported)
- Gemalto PC Card
untestet but quite likely to work:
- Gemalto PC Express Card

not working with either GnuPG CCID or PC/SC:
- Omnikey CardMan 3121
- Omnikey CardMan 3021
- Omnikey CardMan 3621
- Omnikey CardMan 6121

Interesting is that though Gemalto claims that their USB readers are
CCID compliant none of them works with the GnuPG CCID.
What might be the reason? Since I happen to have access to all of them,
could I potentially fix this?


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