Smartcard GnuPG V2 and CHECKPIn with keypad (pin code conversion) ?

tux.tsndcb at tux.tsndcb at
Mon Oct 19 14:33:27 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I'm testing my reader's pinpad with my GnuPG smartcard V2 for VERIFY PIN function by scardcontrol tools, but I don't know how the PIN code is read by the smartcard :

               - PIN uses a binary format conversion
               - PIN uses a shift rotation format conversion
               - PIN uses a BCD format conversion with PIN length insertion
               - PIN uses BCD, right justification and a control field 
               - PIN uses an ASCII format conversion with padding

Is there any body who have tested the GnuPG smartcard with it's reader's keypad by scardcontrol ?

Thanks in advanced for your answer.

Best Regards

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