gpg-agent "unknown value for WHAT"

Charly Avital shavital at
Tue Oct 20 18:52:12 CEST 2009

David Savage wrote the following on 10/20/09 10:41 AM:
> Hi there,
> I'm attempting to generate a 4096bit RSA key using gnupg 2.0.12 and
> gpg-agent 2.0.11 but I'm getting an error message prior to entering
> the passphrase:
> "gpg: problem with the agent: Not supported"

Hi David,

IMO, the problems resides with your installation of gnupg2 via Darwin Ports.

Darwin Ports installs a version of pinentry (required for gpg-agent to
function) that is not compatible with MacOSX.

If you want to install a functioning gnupg2 for MacOSX, with a Mac
native, you might want to try MacGPG2 2.0.12
that can be downloaded from:

> Having done a little digging I decided to enable --debug-all to see if
> this would shed any light on the problem - unfortunately the error
> message means very little on first inspection - hence this mail.
> "gpg-agent[66760.6] DBG: -> ERR 67109144 parameter conflict - unknown
> value for WHAT"
> I've included the full session output below with certain fields XXXXX'd out...
> _Environment_info_
> Mac OS X 10.5.8
> gnupg2 installed via darwin ports

That should be the problem.
> _Non_standard_entries_in_"~/.gnupg/gpg.conf"_
> personal-digest-preferences SHA512
> cert-digest-algo SHA512
> default-preference-list SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224 AES256 AES192 AES
> CAST5 ZLIB BZIP2 ZIP Uncompressed
> Any help or suggestions of where to look further appreciated.

Please see above.

> gpg: problem with the agent: Not supported

Ditto, Darwin Ports does not install gpg-agent with the required
pinentry that will function under MacOSX

MacOSX 10.6.1 32bits MacBook5,1 - Gnupg 1.4.10 - MacGPG2 2.0.12 -
Running Enigmail version 0.97a (20091019-2108), with Mozilla/5.0
(Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090915

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