Howto For DNS Key publishing.

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at
Thu Oct 29 06:52:48 CET 2009


I've written a pretty conclusive howto on how to publish keys in DNS, 
including detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each method, with 
full examples, details on testing, and real-world output.

I've also re-implemented make-dns-cert as a shell script, so that it's 
more easily available to people who don't have the source, but who 
installed via a binary package (that's most people), including comments, 
cleaner record handling, auto-fingerprinting, etc.  One command, three 
arguments, and you get all three record types.

I cited credit where possible, but if I missed your name, let me know.

Suggestions, feedback, requests, corrections, are all welcome.

Initial publishing is to my livejournal, but I'm planning to wrap the 
whole thing to my webpage during a revamp.


-Dan Mahoney


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