No secret key under different account

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Thanks for the info, that makes sense. 

That does however mean that I will end up with two sets of keyring
does anyone know a way to share them to certain priv'd users on a


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Logon to the server as the account you wish to use to encrypt the files.
Import public key as you did prior and sign the key as you did prior.
This worked for me.  I am not in my office, but there are 2 command line
steps that need to be done, on is import and the other I think is sign.
It appears that each user that is to encrypt has to follow this

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Hello all, 

GPG 2.0.12
Windows Server 2003  

I've written a C# application which scans for input files and decrypts
using GPG. 
This applications works fine when run under the account (Administrator)
that GPG was installed under but when run from a different account
(SQLService) I get this error. 

gpg: encrypted with ELG key, ID 891AB7E7  gpg: decryption failed: No
Error Decrypting C:\Program

I've given full permissions to the SQLService account. 

Are there any permissions I need to set within GPG or do I need to
specify anything else on the command line when running under a different

The GPG command looks like this

gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --batch --output KLIOLB_20091005_10021900.TMP
--decrypt KLIOLB_20091005_10021900.PGP

Thanks in advance. 


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