Encrypting and signing in the same run

devilio at gmail.com devilio at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 16:46:16 CEST 2009

Good afternoon all,

A business partner is asking us to encrypt and sign our files with PGP 
before uploading it on their server.
I decided to use GnuPG as it is said to be compatible.

After having generated keys and added their key to our keyring, I used, 
as said in the man page :
gpg -se -r 'Partner Name' file_to_encrypt.

However, it doesn't seem to meet their requirements. Here's the reply of 
our partner :
"The file is first encrypted and then signed.  Not encrypted and signed 
in the same run."

Our partner has to remove our signature before to be able to decrypt the 
I don't see what I'm doing wrong, even after some searches in manual and 
other sites.

Does anyone see what's going wrong ?
Thanks you in advance for your help,


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