problem: OpenPGP Card 2.0 + GnuPG 1.4.10b

Jan Suhr jan.suhr at
Mon Sep 7 12:10:54 CEST 2009

I installed the latest build of GnuPG 1.4.10b for Windows and tested the
OpenPGP Card 2.0 the following way:

1. Generated new keys on the OpenPGP Card 2.0 for email address
test at
2. Encrypted a file: "gpg -e -r test at testfile"
3. Decryted the file: "gpg -d testfile.gpg"

Unfortunately I retrieve the following error:

C:>gpg -d testfile.gpg
gpg: detected reader `Gemplus USB Smart Card Reader 0'
gpg: detected reader `Texas Instruments SmartCardSlot 0'
Bitte die PIN eingeben
gpg: verschlüsselt mit 3072-Bit RSA Schlüssel, ID 278D09E8, erzeugt
      "Test Test <test at>"
gpg: Entschlüsselung mit Public-Key-Verfahren fehlgeschlagen:
Allgemeiner Fehler
gpg: Entschlüsselung fehlgeschlagen: Geheimer Schlüssel ist nicht vorhanden

I don't understand the reason for this problem because the claimed key
278D09E8 is exactly what I generated before. "gpg --card-status" proves
that the required key is available:

Signature key ....: 26B2 4BD5 31E2 EE7C 36CD  7DAA 6CEC 5307 03DC 9552
      created ....: 2009-09-07 09:47:35
Encryption key....: 60BB 063C 079B 0BF3 E9B2  6E90 BAF2 3ED9 278D 09E8
      created ....: 2009-09-07 09:47:35
Authentication key: C569 0B26 3A53 BFE6 90FE  664C E140 FB78 C4AF AC2D
      created ....: 2009-09-07 09:47:35
General key info..: pub  3072R/03DC9552 2009-09-07 Test Test
<test at>
sec>  3072R/03DC9552  erzeugt: 2009-09-07  verfällt: niemals
                      Kartennummer:0000 0000002B
ssb>  3072R/C4AFAC2D  erzeugt: 2009-09-07  verfällt: niemals
                      Kartennummer:0000 0000002B
ssb>  3072R/278D09E8  erzeugt: 2009-09-07  verfällt: niemals
                      Kartennummer:0000 0000002B

Any idea what is wrong?


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