Does the SCM SCR3320 work with GnuPG?

David Shaw dshaw at
Sat Sep 12 18:03:24 CEST 2009

On Sep 12, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Peter Lebbing wrote:

> Hello list,
> Does anybody know if the SCM SCR3320 USB card reader works with  
> GnuPG under
> Linux? Specifically, I was thinking of buying the "ChipDrive MyKey  
> 2" from
> Conrad[1] in The Netherlands. It's only 20 euros.
> If you look at the product page for the SCR3320[2] and compare the  
> photo
> with the product page for the MyKey[3], it looks like a different  
> stick. I
> hope this is just a change in the housing, because the MyKey  
> description
> still says it's the SCR3320.

I can't speak to the MyKey device, but I have a SCR3320 and it works  
just fine with GnuPG and the v2 card.

I like the smaller "USB stick" form factor a lot more than the larger  
"credit card" sized cards.  They're much easier to deal with when you  
don't have smartcard readers wherever you go.


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