Passphrase problem in gpgsm 2.0.14

Alexander Murauer segler_alex at
Sat Apr 24 20:33:04 CEST 2010


i am wondering if will get
fixed any time soon?
i wanted to ask this on the bugtracker's page but i think it is not
possible to comment on bugs, other people reported. is this true?
i really think this is a important bug, because i cannot use it as drop
in replacement for ssh-agent. and need to use gpg-agent instead of
ssh-agent, because of the smartcard support, which works nicely. but
sometimes i need also ssh-support for gpg-keys without smartcard, and i
don't want to change to ssh-agent anytime i need this feature.

also i want to point out, gpg-agent 2.0.14 is in lucid with long term
support. it would be nice, if a patch for this problem would get into lucid.


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