Moving from PGP to GPG

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Tue Apr 27 12:21:19 CEST 2010

You can access the files with gpg if you imported your private keys correctly. 
If you haven't been able to export you public keys from pgp and import them in 
gpg you can use the keyserver to refetch your the public keys this way.

Als long as you are able to access your windows partition were should be no 
problem working with pgp encrypted files.

If you are asking for a gui program for managing your gpg files just stick to 
the program of your desktop environment. For example if you are using KDE you 
can use kgpg to manage your keyring. You can access gpg encrypted files via 

On Tuesday, 27. April 2010 03:10:12 Michael Feinberg wrote:
> I have been using PGP on Windows for some time, and am now trying to
> move to Fedora.  That implies a move to GPG, which is fine, but I want
> to have access to my PGP files without converting every single one.  I
> imported my secret keys, could not get a confirmation for importing
> public keys.
> So do I just use PGP for Fedora, if it exists?  Am I missing the easy
> way to access PGP files using GPG?
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