GPF Crypto Stick vs OpenPGP Card

Grant Olson kgo at
Wed Dec 8 00:55:57 CET 2010

On 12/7/10 5:35 PM, Marcio B. Jr. wrote:
> backup seems to be a hard task.
> Well, supposing you have 2 Crypto Sticks or 2 OpenPGP cards. Is it
> possible to create a mirroring/"synchronization" scheme between them?
> And if possible, is it prudent? What do you think of that?

I don't think you need two active cards.

I personally created a key normally (actually the one that I had been
using for months before I got the card), had backups and all that, and
migrated the keys to the card.  Alternately, it sounds like people are
saying you are prompted to create a backup file if you try to create a
key directly on a card, but I didn't do this so I can't confirm if/how
that works.

Either way, if you have a proper backup, you can restore the backup to
disk normally, then move it onto a replacement key's hardware.


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