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Tue Dec 14 15:39:18 CET 2010

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at wrote on
Tue Dec 14 10:11:54 CET 2010 :

>>RSA-2048 is roughly equivalent
>> to a 112-bit symmetric key; RSA-1024 is roughly equivalent to an
>> 80-bit key. 

>Those equivalences have been mentioned a few times. Is there a 
>(freely available) reference for this?

There was a NIST or FIPS publication about the time of rfc4880 that 
had tables listing which asymmetric keys lengths were appropriate 
for use with which symmetric algorithms

(don't have the exact reference offhand, but remember it was 
definitely a NIST or FIPS pdf easily available

Here is a starting point:
SP_800-78-3.pdf p.12

If somoene knows the exact NIST or FIPS document I'm thinking of, 
please post, TIA!


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