Some questions from a new opengpg card v. 2 user

Nick ALice nick-art at
Tue Dec 14 22:45:42 CET 2010


I just bought a few OpenPGP cards V2.0 0005 xxxxxxx. I was hoping that I
could use them within minutes. That is not the case.

I'm running Windows 7 - 64Bit combined with Thunderbird/Enigmail (latest
versions) combined with gpg4win 2.0.4. (GnuPG 2.0.14).

Info about proper usage of card with enigmail/gnugp is distributed
around and sometimes old or non existant.

Questions about the PIN's:

gpg2 --card-edit  -> admin, passwd
What is option 2 Unblock PIN ?
 and what is the meaning of option 4 Reset code ?

What will happen if I use several times the wrong admin password? Will
it brick the card or can it be resurrected with the method of sending
data to it using the gpg-connect-agent (see e.g. ) ? (I have not
tried it out to find the answer to this :-D  )

Is there a proper manual that describes the different commands at low level?

I have also many questions about the usage at higher levels - I will
post them later.


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