How to process a big file of encrypted mails?

freejack at freejack at
Wed Dec 29 18:10:10 CET 2010


Occasionally I get a big file of encrypted emails with mail headers
stripped out. All thats in the file is the begin and end PGP marks and all
the encrypted armored text in between. Some are encrypted to me, others to
my coworkers. Sometimes if I do gpg filename it finds all my mails and asks
for my password etc sometimes it doesn't. Is there anyway to tell gpg to
keep processing the entire file all the way until the end? Each of us in
the team will need to do the same thing to get his own emails. I didn't see
any option for gpg to carry on till it processes the entire file.

Someone said we should write a script to parse all the messages into
individual files and then do gpg on each one and that's what i'll do if
there isn't a way to get gpg to scan the whole file.


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