gpeme_get_key returns a 'general error' after some time.

Florian Schwind f.schwind at
Wed Feb 17 09:48:59 CET 2010


> On 25.01.2010 13:41, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:10, f.schwind at said:
>> Then you need to use finer grained debug control. Probably you need to
>> modify something in gpgme.
> I updated to gpg 1.4.10 and gpgme 1.2.0 but this doesn't solve the problem.
> I will put more debug output in gpgme and try to identify where the
> error happens.

I identified the the piece of code responsible causing the error. It 
happens in the  _gpgme_io_set_close_notify method in posix-io.c

I'm getting a fd > 256 which seams to be the maximum of fds gpgme can 
handle. It might be some sort of design-issue in my software causing so 
many open fds, but I'd still like to overcome this fd limitation. As far 
as I can see, gpgme is using the fd as index for the notify_table. So 
could I just increase the size of the notify_table without breaking things?

>> Salam-Shalom,
>> Werner

Best Regards

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