Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme integration?

Richard Geddes rich.geddes at
Tue Feb 23 05:46:14 CET 2010

Thanks for all the input...  good stuff.

I can think of a bash script that

- generates the passphrase (using /dev/urandom) for a gnupg private key,
- pipe the random passphrase into ssss to generate the shares, threshold 
- and every time the passphrase is needed, combine t shares to recreate 
the original random passphrase.

A problem I see with this approach is that an attacker can easily modify 
the script  to output the shares... breaking confidentiality.

Even binary code can be reverse-compiled and re-engineered to spill the 

Does anyone know of techniques to protect code from being reverse 
engineered with standard off the shelf techniques...? 


Richard Geddes wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a utility that integrates gnupg with ssss (Shamir's Secret 
> Sharing Scheme)?   And maybe using smartcards?  If not has anyone seen 
> a HowTo that shows how to integrate them?
> Richard
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