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Paul Richard Ramer free10pro at
Thu Feb 25 23:30:00 CET 2010

On Thu, 2010-02-25 at 14:24 +0000, MFPA wrote:
> My point was that not everybody wishes/chooses to send their keys to
> the keyservers.
> Some people hate the idea and get *very* upset if their key does end
> up on the servers.

In my case, the reason that I uploaded my keys to public keyservers was
to make it possible for anyone who wanted to privately communicate with
me to do so.  Even if I didn't know them.

If the reason for keeping the public key to yourself is that you don't
want anyone, except for a selected few, to know your "secret" e-mail
address, then create two e-mail addresses.  One will only be shared with
people you know intimately, and the other will be for the public.

I never understood how anyone would want to use PGP for e-mail privacy,
and, subsequently, keep the public key a secret!  I don't see any reason
why a person would keep his key off the public keyservers, short of
preventing spam.  And you know what, he would get spammed anyway.
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