Encrypting with an message expiration date

Chris De Young chd at chud.net
Mon Jan 4 05:58:38 CET 2010

Morten Gulbrandsen wrote:
> Allen Schultz wrote:
>> Is there a way to force an expiration date when encrypting a message
>> for additional security.


> sure
> http://vanish.cs.washington.edu/

Although I think systems like this do have utility, I don't think it really
solves this problem. In order to enforce an expiration date against a user who
knows the data will expire, you must present the data in some uncopyable way. I
can think of no practical way to do that (though of course people smarter than
I might :) ).

If nothing else, there's nothing to stop me from pointing my camera at my
monitor and capturing everything displayed there - stripping off any
inconvenient meta-data in the process.


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