GPG4Win for OpenPGP Card 2 ?

Stefan Xenon stefanxe at
Thu Jan 7 22:04:55 CET 2010

Unfortunately it does not work for me (Thus I thought it wouldn't work
in general). When generating new keys I get the following error:

Ändern: (N)ame, (K)ommentar, (E)-Mail oder (F)ertig/(B)eenden? f
gpg: Prüfung der erstellten Unterschrift ist fehlgeschlagen: Bad signature
gpg: Beglaubigung fehlgeschlagen: Bad signature
gpg: make_keysig_packet failed: Bad signature
Schlüsselerzeugung fehlgeschlagen: Bad signature

Any idea?

Am 07.01.2010 10:16, schrieb Olav Seyfarth:
> Hi Stefan,
>> GPG4Win is a great package but unfortunately the included GnuPG 2.0.12
>> does not support the OpenPGP Card v2. Is there a schedule when a new
>> release of GPG4Win will be released? This would be great!
> GPG4Win 2.0.1 / GnuPG 2.0.12 does support the OpenPGP card v2. In fact,
> this Email is signed by TB3.0/EM1.0/GPG4Win2.0.1.
> Olav

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