ElGamal key results revoked on keyserver but not locally

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Fri Jan 8 13:56:33 CET 2010

Hello gnupg-users,
some time ago I messed up a keypair I use, see:


There's a double selfsig on the main uid. I don't know/remember why, but
this isn't the real problem.

Then there's a secondary uid, revoked. Everything seems OK here.

Then we find the 1024g/6AFBDDF2 ElGamal key, revoked.

Finally, there'a second ElGamal key (1024g/71D7872E), with two `sbind'
entries that I can't explain. This key seems revoked too, however, when
I import all this stuff to my local keyring, the 71D7872E key does not
result revoked (the 6AFBDDF2 does).

I can't find what's wrong. I'd prefer to see both the ElGamal keys
revoked as the keyserver says, and then generate a new, clean ElGamal
key to use for encryption, without this strange mess.

Any clue?
Thank you!

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