Inhibit pgp-agent warning?

Pepijn Schmitz gnupg-users at
Fri Jan 8 19:04:53 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

I have a backup script which uses gpg to encrypt the backup, and is
executed every night by cron (both by root as by an admin user). This is
gpg 1.4.6 on Ubuntu Hardy LTS.

My problem is that gpg insists on printing a "gpg: gpg-agent is not
available in this session" warning every time, causing unnecessary
emails from cron even when the backup is entirely successful. I tried
adding the -q option to the command line, but that doesn't seem to make
a difference. I don't want to run gpg-agent (since it is not needed), or
redirect all output to /dev/null or a file (since I do want emails on
genuine warnings).

Is there any way I can prevent this warning?

Kind regards,
Pepijn Schmitz
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