Web of Trust itself is the problem

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Mark H. Wood wrote:
| Still, it's another technology-intractable problem.  If people cared,
| they would train themselves to look for trouble indicators, like
| scanning the dashboard from time to time for problems with speed,
| fuel, temperature, etc.  We're trained to operate motor vehicles, but
| not to operate browsers or MUAs.  ("It's intuitive!"  Not.)

I know drivers who have no clue about all those trouble indicators.

I was a passenger with a friend and I noticed the engine temperature
gauge was too high. I urged her to stop the car until it could cool down
and we could see what the trouble was. She said she would do that after
lunch, but she did not have time then. I told her to turn the heater on
full, and since this was summer, she objected, but did it. When we got
to the restaurant, she turned the motor off. After lunch it had cooled
down some, so I looked into the radiator where there was no noticeable
water. We got some from the restaurant. I forgot what the trouble was
(defective radiator hose, loose clamp, etc.), but at least she did not
need to get a new engine.

People often drive for months with the "Check Engine" light on. When I
ask about this, they say it is nothing: it is always on. They have seen
it so long they have gotten used to it. They just do not care.

I knew a guy who had a Pontiac station wagon he bought new. He never had
it serviced or even checked the oil or the oil pressure light. Well one
of those will go about 25,000 miles before seizing up.

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