Storing password in keyring

David Shaw dshaw at
Fri Jan 22 14:52:02 CET 2010

On Jan 21, 2010, at 6:03 AM, Mohan Radhakrishnan wrote:

> Hi,
> Question 1 :
>           Is there any way to store a password in a keyring ? I  
> don't have a database for this. I was just thinking that I can hash  
> a password and use a keyring to store it to avoid the need for a  
> database.

Not within GPG.  GPG stores keys within keyrings.  Passphrases are  
stored outside the system (but see the gpg-agent for a local  
passphrase cache).

> Question 2 :
>          Can I split a private(decrypting) key and rejoin it using  
> GPG ? The split keys are given by two different people and rejoined.

Not using GPG, but there are several tools available for split keys on  
the net.  For example:

> I want to use the bouncy castle GPG API.

That is not GPG.  That is a completely different implementation of the  
OpenPGP standard.  You should ask on the Bouncy Castle forums.


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