Unable to delete bogus keys

Jerry gesbbb at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 23:56:53 CET 2010

System Info:


gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.14
libgcrypt 1.4.4

gpa 0.9.0

I honestly have no idea what the problem is here. I am not even sure if
this is the correct mail forum to ask this question in. I recently
installed GnuPG on my system. Everything appeared to go fine. For some
reason, I have numerous keys listed that I have no knowledge of.

This URL shows the keys:


This is a screen shot when I attempt to delete a bogus key:


This is the error message displayed when I click to delete the key:


I have tried deleting the ~/gnupg directory and starting over; however
that does not correct the problem. I can delete keys I create though.
Where are these other keys coming from and how do I remove them

gesbbb at yahoo.com


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