Decrypting file encrypted for multiple recipients using a given ID?

vedaal at vedaal at
Mon Jul 12 17:25:24 CEST 2010

Joke de Buhr joke at wrote on
Mon Jul 12 10:37:56 CEST 2010 :

>> How can I specify that the key of user B should be
>> used?

>But as an alternative just hit the ESC button or press cancel 
until >the password dialog shows the right key id. Enter that 

As another alternative, you can use the options of: 
--passphrase string


gpg --try-all-secrets --passphrase (the passphrase for your desired 

key) filename

GnuPG will not prompt you for anything alse, and will try the 
passphrase you wrote for all the keys in your secret ring until it 
reaches the key whose passphrase it is, and then GnuPG will decrypt 



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