PIN input via cyberJack pinpad

Edmond zartbitter at
Thu Jul 15 21:06:15 CEST 2010


I would really like to use my card reader's PIN pad to enter the PIN
for my keys stored on an OpenPGP smart card. I have a cyberJack
pinpad(a). Currently, when I'm required to enter my PIN, pinentry pops
up and the reader's pad is ignored.

Unfortunately, in a >4 years old message, somebody stated regarding
those cyberJack readers and PCSC:

> so either they implement it, but don't publish that part of the
> source, or they implement it, but don't use the well known constants, 
> or they don't. no idea.


I'm not sure whether things have changed since then, or if I'm just
doing something wrong. I am using pcsc-lite and GPG 2.

If there is really no way to use my reader's PIN pad, could you please
recommend me some well-supported reader to replace my current one?



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