Locating GnuPG 2.0.16 RH4 binaries...

Breen Mullins bpm at sdf.org
Wed Jul 21 02:02:51 CEST 2010

* Jean-David Beyer <jeandavid8 at verizon.net> [2010-07-20 14:53 -0400]:

>John Espiro wrote:
>>  Greetings...
>> My google skills must not be working lately... Can anyone help point me
>> to the 2.0.16 binary for GnuPG / RHEL4?
>> Thanks,
>> John
>Is there one?
>I run RHEL 5.4 that is up-to-date as of this morning, and that binary
>rpm is gnupg-1.4.5-14.el5_5.1.
>If I look at CentOS 4, the binary for it is gnupg-1.2.6-9.i386.rpm

On Fedora, and I expect on RHEL too, 2.0.16 would be installed by the
gnupg2 rpm.

You might look at 

which provides ports of Fedora packages to EL.


Breen Mullins
bpm at sdf.org

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